Thursday, 28 January 2010

3D, Maya and Renderman Training

If you are local to the Bristol or Bath area, and are interested in some 'one on one' or group 3D training for you or your company, please do get in contact.

Generally I try to be non-software specific, teaching concepts and giving the students key skills that can be transferred between whatever software they choose. I learnt 3D using Maya, and in my experience, if you understand Maya, then you will have no problem picking up other software, although the other way round is not so easily said.... Currently I render using 3Delight, a Renderman compliant renderer. I prefer this to Maya's renderer and Mental ray, as I have the pretty much the same flexibility as Prman (plus your first license is free). Prman is the renderer that Pixar use, and countless other big studios in Film and Television, so quite frankly, it is still the best.

Although I specialise in Lighting and Compositing, I have a good all round knowledge of Maya, for modelling, shading and texturing, rigging and animation. I am also happy to teach the basics of Mel scripting for non-programmer types. My biggest weakness is FX, Dynamics etc, but I do have a basic knowledge and would be happy to advise beginners (who would have though that I have an AS in Physics!)

I do have training and supervisory experience at Animal Logic, giving the introduction to newcomers in the Lighting Department. Last year I mentored students on the MA Computer Animation at Bournemouth University, (the National Center for computer animation) using an online blog. Checkout the blog (see the link in the Friend's blogs section to the right of this blog)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Cheltenham Jazz Festival

From the website
An extract of the visualisation I produced for them can be seen near the end of the video.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finishing projects

After completing some visualisation for 'Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2010', I have continuing working with Document (formerly Tijuana Design) on the poster for the Festival. Watch this space for images... coming soon.

We also worked together on a still slice through 3D image of Stembridge Mill, High Ham, Somerset, which I believe is displayed on a big board outside the National Trust building to show the mechanics that used to be in place.,_High_Ham

photo by Patrick Mackie